A1-Hydraulics GmbH We are pleased to help you with the right product choice, our technicians gladly explain to you applicability and technical detail of our products. Do not hesitate to contact us.

OEM Quality

A1-Hydraulics GmbH A1-Hydraulics GmbH has been supplier to well-known machine manufacturers since its foundation, thus our customers benefit from the related quality and expert knowledge.


The shortage of specialists in Germany affects us as a middle-sized family-owned business severely. During the last years we've made the experience that we need to much longer than before to find a suitable candidate for a vacant position. Today we need between 6 and 12 months. Due to the vacant position our times of delivery may be prolonged and our employees have to perform additional work during this period of searching. You'll find an interview with our managing director Ms. Grabowski regarding this issue at RP-Online (only available in German).

A1-Hydraulics GmbH plans customized hydraulic hose sets for your machinery. German law limits the service life of hydraulic hoses to a period of six years. Therefore, machinery has to be maintained regularly and hydraulic hoses have to be exchanged.

Dear customers, suppliers and business partners,

Shocked and in deep mourning we have to inform you that our managing director and company founder Hans G. Ley died on 12th July 2018.

We as A1-Hydraulics team mourn a special person together with his family. Mr. Ley’s life was his enthusiasm for hydraulics and his company. We will greatly miss him in his enthusiastic, optimistic and human manner. A1-Hydraulics would not exist without Mr. Ley’s proficiency, knowledge and competence. We are going to express our gratitude and respect for him by actively assisting his daughter in continuing his life’s work. Thus, he will remain unforgotten.

Regarding our future cooperation we want to inform you that Ms. Jennifer Grabowski is taking over A1-Hydraulics’ management from now on. We ensure you that all orders are further on going to be processed under the existing conditions. Your contacts for any queries concerning our products, services or technology remain Mr. Björn Ebbinghaus for valves, Mr. Christian Martin for electronics, and Mr. Sascha Schuster for hydraulic hoses.

We see our employees as key factor to a successful and satisfying processing of orders. Therefore, we are pleased to receive applications from qualified professionals.