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Manufacturer: Sistematica S.p.A. show products

Rescue is the optimal solution for operating platform.
Keys can be doubled with the option TiltingHand™.

Ideal for recovery vehicles, Rescue is the optimal solution for operating platform, winch and headlight through a reduced size and great handling handheld. A top safety level solution, 100% Made in Italy.


No. of commands 9
Frequency ISM 868/915 MHz
Power supply 2 AAA 1,5V batteries
Absorption in stand-by ~ 5 µA
Average absorption during the transmission 25 mA
Maximum capacity 150m in free space and without obstacles
Protection IP67 Silicone rubber keypad
Weight (with batteries) 120 g
Functioning temperatures From -20°C to +55°C
Dimensions (H x L x P) 109x56x30mm

The product consists of Palmtop with Controller and Readio-can.

Typical applications for the Rescue are:

Automation of electric and hydraulic winches  for towing, nautical, forestry, building industry.

Industrial Automation
Automation and control of automatic and compactable storage systems, water-pressure cleaners, automatic gates.

Hydraulic Power Packs
Valves and starters of hydraulic and pneumatic power packs to operate and control vehicles, tractors, trailers and industrial installations.

Forestry tools and vehicles
Electric and Hydraulic winches, Trailers for wood transportation, Log splitter, Shredders, Small cranes.

Overload Trailers
Automation of electric and hydraulic winches , manual override of steering wheels, flatbed and gooseneck height control, ramps automations.

Hooklifts and Container Transportation
Hooklifts, Swinging trailers for wood transportation, Trailers for industrial scrap transportation.

Recovery Vehicles
Electric and Hydraulic winches for towing, Sliding flatbed automation, Light and buzzer control, Fire trucks.

Tail Lifts
Automation of tail lifts to load/unload goods from truck and trailers, to drive opening/closing, height setting of lift, opening/closing of bulkheads in special trucks.
Vehicles Transportation
Electric and hydraulic winches, ramps and floors control, lights and beepers drivers


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