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OEM Quality

A1-Hydraulics GmbH A1-Hydraulics GmbH has been supplier to well-known machine manufacturers since its foundation, thus our customers benefit from the related quality and expert knowledge.

Hydraulic accessories

This category includes one of our core areas, namely the customized production of hydraulic hoses. Read more in the respective subcategory. Moreover, here you will find various products which are essential for the smooth operations of hydraulic applications.

Sub Categories

In 2015 we launched the production of hydraulic hoses according to customer specifications with the aim of satisfying our customers’ needs even better. Today in addition to several individual orders, we produce weekly...
Hydraulic hose couplings supply machinery or power units with fluid media (e.g. oil, acid, water, or gas). Furthermore, hose couplings serve to exchange tools rapidly, e.g. to swap an excavator’s grapple for a bucket....
In the area of hose hydraulics screw fittings are used to connect hose and valve. Our product range includes various types of t-connectors, straight connectors, and adjustable connectors.